Element Bodywork is now Oxygen Massage Therapy!
For information, rates or to book an appointment, please visit our new
site: www.oxygenmassagetherapy.com.

1905 Union Street 

San Francisco,CA 94123

(415) 738-7669

Element Bodywork is now Oxygen Massage Therapy!
Same amazing therapists, same location, same great service just a different name.   You can continue to use this same web address, phone number and email to contact us, but soon you will be routed to our brand new website!

Living life to its fullest requires a healthy, pain free body. Whether from work, play or both our bodies can develop painful patterns of muscular imbalance and tension.  The pain and fatigue from these patterns can slow us down and keep us from enjoying the fullness of our amazing lives.  At Element Bodywork, we are here to help you heal your body and enjoy your life!

Element Bodywork is a therapeutic massage and bodywork clinic located in the Marina/Cow Hollow neighborhood in San Francisco.  We specialize in practical and effective treatment for athletes, injury rehabilitation, and the bodily stresses that come from working at a computer (yes we can help with that crick in your neck). Each of us has a long history of success breaking through our clients patterns of pain and imbalance and getting them back to enjoying their lives.

When you come to see us you can expect us to carefully listen to your needs and create a treatment strategy specific to you.  We been trained extensively in multiple techniques to draw from, and, when helpful, we include a routine of stretches for you to work with between sessions.  In our experience these can dramatically increase the effectiveness of our work.


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