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Aaron Wilson, CMT

aaron wilson profile photoA former Instructor at the Arizona School of Integrative Studies Massage Therapy Program, Aaron is dedicated to helping clients feel more space and freedom in their own bodies through therapeutic touch and education.

Everyone deserves to be pain-free and move with ease in order to respond to daily life with grace.

With an integrative approach, Aaron combines a mix of Structural Integration, Trager Method, Neuromuscular Therapy, Cranial Sacral Therapy, stretching, deep tissue, and deep listening to help clients connect with a balanced sense of their own body’s structure and function.

Aaron’s work is dyamic— deep, slow, harmonious, and informative. Each session is unique and designed to meet the specific needs of his clients.

CAMTC# 46710

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Erika's Recent Reviews

Ferrara P. Review

Erika is a skilled and natural healer. She has a clear and powerful energetic presence, and she focuses her healing intentions through strong hands with an intuitive touch. When I see her for bodywork, she closely attends to my stated physical issues and is able to ‘read’ my body with sensitivity. Furthermore, she approaches her work from a spiritual core of compassion and service, with a spirit that is grounded in authentic devotional practice (and I mean the real deal, not New Age fluff).

Stefanie O. Review

WORDS CANNOT DO JUSTICE to the incredibly healing experience I had with Erika at Element Bodywork.  I felt more comfortable on Erika’s table than I have with any other massage therapist, for multiple reasons.  First of all, Erika is very knowledgeable about human anatomy, physiology, and kinesiology.  She was able to explain the connection between my current physical pain, my health history, and stress, very clearly and succinctly. As a holistic personal trainer, I appreciated that.  Also, she has this kick-ass table with pads and pillows and all kinds of cool stuff that lets your body relax comfortably before the bodywork even begins.  

Beth V. Review

After over a year of miserable and chronic back pain from an injury in a yoga class that was only made worse by a horrific travel schedule (read: many hours in United’s not so friendly skies), I was at the end of my rope.

You name it, I’d tried it: acupuncture, weekly chiropractor sessions, physical therapy multiple times a week, a spinal specialist, etc and all of it with intense frequency and dedication.

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