Element Bodywork is now Oxygen Massage Therapy!
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Deep Tissue

Deep tissue is extremely effective in relieving the stress of working at a computer to the neck and shoulder region. It is also used by athletes and dancers on a regular basis to help maintain their bodies as they put them under daily stress. It decreases the chances of injury and reduces recovery time between workouts. It is normal to feel a bit sore the day after a deep tissue massage. Deep tissue massage draws on western clinical techniques to address specific muscular and connective tissue structures in the body. It requires extensive knowledge of anatomy and pathology. It is specific to each client’s needs, and is an effective way to:

  • Balance muscular structures,
  • Remove metabolic waste buildup from tissue,
  • Restore normal range of motion to joints
  • Increase the clients relaxation by stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system (the body’s system to create a relaxed metabolic state).

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