Element Bodywork is now Oxygen Massage Therapy!
For information, rates or to book an appointment, please visit our new
site: www.oxygenmassagetherapy.com.

1905 Union Street 

San Francisco,CA 94123

(415) 738-7669

Erika Wright

Owner of Element BodyworkErika fell in love with yoga first. In 2001 she studied with James Burkhardt in his Soma Yoga and Soma Bodywork Programs. There, Erika learned techniques that were built on a profound understanding of anatomy and physiology. This allowed her a wealth of insight into the human body. Erika has also studied Cranio – Sacral modalities  and various forms of energy work.

Erika created Element Bodywork as a private practice in 2005 and since then has been instrumental in helping people heal their bodies in a practical and comprehensive way. She has learned through experience that there are few injuries that cannot be overcome with consistency and focus.

Erika enjoys running, yoga, hiking and cycling. She is a singer in the band FeatherWitch and has a full and wonderful life that she is very grateful for.

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