Element Bodywork is now Oxygen Massage Therapy! For information, rates or to book an appointment, please visit our new site: www.oxygenmassagetherapy.com.


Think of this list as a view of our toolbox rather than a menu. When you come to see us we will assess your individual needs and combine all of our different techniques to best address them. With that in mind 'Therapeutic Massage' will usually be flexible enough to accommodate everyone. 'Thai' and 'Shiatsu' are both performed in clothes on a mat rather than a table and so require a special setting in advance, and indicating 'Pre-natal' allows us to prepare extra cushioning for and address the specific needs that come with the miracle of pregnancy.
Deep Tissue

Deep tissue is extremely effective in relieving the stress of working at a computer to the neck


Japanese bodywork based on the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine (acupuncture).


Reiki activates the body’s innate healing abilities through a laying-on of hands. Like

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