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Joanna R. Review

Joanna R. Review

Adam continues to perform miracles!!! :)

I had planned to see Adam tomorrow for a regularly scheduled massage. But I recently had a major sciatica attack again Sunday which gradually got worse into Monday. My chiro helped with some of the relief Monday evening, but I was still in considerable amount of pain and couldn’t continue my early morning skating lessons. BIG figure skating competition in a week (that I’ve been preparing 7-8 months for) and here I am worrying whether or not I was even gonna be able to skate. I moved up my session with Adam to yesterday since I was in considerable pain to not be focused on my job!

When I got on the massage table, it was with a lot of strain on my left hip. After Adam worked on it, the pain is GONE and I’ve regained mobility on that left side!!! I also had issues with my IT band on my left knee. It was considerably BETTER than when I walked into his office. Of course, I am still being careful not to undo the work that Adam has done on me for the next couple of days and I have him on speed dial if things get bad again. But I’m a LOT LESS worried about NOT making it to Salt Lake City to do battle on the ice!!! :)

Recent Reviews

I know this may sound dramatic but Element Bodywork literally changed my life. I hurt my back years ago and the doctors said I would never run again. As you can imagine I was devastated as  running was a true love of mine. My mind also went to, “I want to have kids, how will this back issue effect that?” I went to various doctors all ending with doors closing on the thought of having a smooth pregnancy or running again. The icing on the cake was me throwing my back out literally minutes before getting on a 6 hour cross country flight. At rock bottom I was scanning for different sites for some solution at 3am and came across Element Bodywork.

2013 was my year of injury. Nerve damage. Immobility. Pain.

I knew massage therapy would help, but I wanted targeted, experienced bodywork that was almost like physical therapy.

What I found at Element Bodywork was the exceptional massage therapy I was looking for. I went weekly for several months and used my time on the table to aggressively focus on my injury.

Adam is hands-down the best massage therapist in the city. I’ve tried numerous therapists (back and shoulder knots and tightness from computer use), and no one has the professionalism and skill that Adam possesses. He seems to know exactly where your problem/pain originates from and fixes it. I don’t know how he does it, but compared with many of the other therapists I’ve tried (sports massage, thai massage, deep tissue), he is by far and away the best at what he does.

My hubby booked an appointment for my birthday present and I had a wonderful massage today with Eugenie. I had a baby a few months ago and my body has been in some serious need of TLC, so many tight knots and my shoulder and back felt like they were constantly in pain.

I told Eugenie all of my issues and she got to work with just the right amount of pressure and worked out a lot of the kinks. At some points during the massage, I actually fell into a light sleep! It was refreshing, calming, peaceful, and invigorating. I left feeling a thousand times better and overall happier and calmer.

I came to Valerie after my shoulder surgery in 2006 for help in regaining flexibility in my shoulder. In addition to working on my shoulder, she showed me a variety of at-home exercises that benefited me in the long run as well. Based on that success, I have been a regular client since then. Valerie always listens to your ailments or stresses, and then explains exactly what she will work on as needed. She has helped my stress level tremendously as well.

“If you are looking for a fabulous therapeutic massage Element is your place! All the therapists there are great but Jennifer is my favorite.  Every time I have gone to seen her she has worked miracles on my lower back and IT band that were injured as a result of a car accident.”

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